More and more businesses are investing in online marketing as a way to attract new customers. There is, unfortunately a lot of misinformation available and a slew of malicious companies competing for those marketing dollars.

More often than not business owners seeking to invest in an online strategy are either swindled by clever salesmen or get intimated by the complexity and give up. We believe strongly in educating our clients. That way, even if ultimately they choose to work with another firm (or no firm at all), we know that they will be better informed and less likely to be cheated by a dishonest company.

The dirty little secret that most marketing companies don’t want you to know is that many small businesses don’t actually need the help of an online marketing firm.  This is because in many areas the competition for that top spot in Google is not yet very fierce.  In some cases a few clicks of a mouse can make a significant difference in a businesses visibility online.

This is why we put together the Google Places Step by Step Guidebook (now actually called Google+ Local) that is available for free at the top of this page. In it we outline some of the simple first steps a business can take towards increasing their presence online.  In many cases, making just the few small changes outlined in the guide will result in a drastic increase in online visibility.

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