Creative Print Ads

Prints ads were the very first form of advertising. Since their conception 1836, print ads have grown and evolved. Because they have been in existent for so long, readers have come to expect great things from art directors, copywriters, and graphic designers. They will pass by overused concepts in their quest for clever and powerful copy.

Since both critics and the general public crave clever ads, a designer would do well to note clever and humorous are synonymous. Hit readers will a good dose of sarcasm or witty puns and they are bound to remember – and talk about – what they saw. Additionally, humor can lighten the mood of serious subjects, making them more palatable to the masses.

In order to be successful in the world of print ads, a designer must embrace tactics that work and shun those that have been proven ineffective. One of the best ways to learn about successful strategies is to study them. Here are eight examples of our favorite print ads from around the world.

The Dirty Secret

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