Google+ Offers a Social Platform for SEO

Google doesn’t hide the fact that Google+ was designed to dominate other social platforms in search results.  Sites like Twitter and Facebook actually made this domination pretty simple by choosing to limit Google’s access to their data.  As a result, Google has a hard time trusting and indexing the content from most other social media sites.  Your message might get exposure from within the walls of Facebook or Twitter, but the likelihood that someone will find you through search is minimal.  Google+ is different.  Early indications show that content and information within Google+ is almost always indexed and is in some cases easy to rank in search results. (at least a lot easier than Facebook and Twitter). Here are some tips to optimizing your Google+ page.

Add Other Profile Links

Google+ is very generous about links, and this benefits you in three ways.  First, you are allowed to link to all your other profiles from across the web.  Second, you can embed followed links directly into your bio.  Third, you can use any anchor text you want. Basically, the value of a link from Google+ is like any other link.  Your profile links will become more valuable as other people engage, share, and link to your profile.

Include Post Links

The link love from Google+ just keeps going.  You can insert followed links directly into your posts.  Just insert the URL and Google will format it as a link.  And get this…you can include as many as you want!

Title Tags Should Be Optimized Too

In Google+, the first sentence of a post automatically becomes part of the title tag.  Since the title tag is correlated with rankings, it is important to choose keywords carefully.

Index New Content

If you want new content to be indexed as fast as possible, share it on Google+.  According to rumors, new URLs on Google+ are crawled almost instantly.

Let Your Profile Picture Do The Optimizing

Sign up for Google Authorship.  An eye-catching photo displayed next to your link in the search results will do wonders.  It doesn’t even matter if you are ranked third or fourth; your photo will steal clicks from the competition in the number one slot.

Keep An Eye On Your CircleRank

CircleCount is a great tool.  It helps you evaluate your daily follower growth, check your CircleRank score against all other Google+ profiles, and monitor the likelihood of viral posts. These days, website owners want all the SEO juice they can get.  Why not take advantage of these simple – yet effective – ways to optimize your content?

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