Local Search Engine Marketing

Whether they’re looking for a pizza or a pediatrician, more than 75% of Americans use the Internet to search for local products and services. Will they find your website?

Search engines like Google, Bing and Yahoo deliver different results based on your location. Local businesses like pharmacies, movie theaters and accounting firms show up in searches and are displayed on a Google Maps inset.

This means businesses with locally directed products or services, like Joe’s Pizza Shop, for example, don’t have to compete with national chains like Pizza Hut or a similarly named Joe’s Pizza Emporium in another state. In an average Google search, the keyword “pizza” returns more than 350 million pages. Joe’s Pizza Shop could never compete in such a broad landscape.

Joe’s can compete in local search results, though, where Joe will only have to rank alongside the local Pizza Hut branch and other nearby pizza joints. Through a series of steps and continuous online activity, Joe, with minimal resources, can easily outrank a competing Pizza Hut that hasn’t effectively employed local SEO.

Since the vast majority of users pick up a mouse or mobile device instead of a phone book, it’s vital that your business shows up in these localized searches. Subtle Network Design & Marketing can create an optimization campaign that will increase your site’s visibility, sending targeted local prospects to your business. Our experienced marketing experts will work with you to design a personalized marketing plan that meets your business’s precise needs for local SEO, as well as other types of Internet marketing and web design.

Advantages: The primary advantage of a local SEO campaign is that it can allow smaller businesses to compete for popular keywords on a local level. Remember, more traffic means more business. If people never see your website, they’ll never be your customers.

Disadvantages: The main disadvantage of a local SEO campaign is limited reach; local search results generate business listings only within close proximity of the searcher. So if your business caters to a larger region, you may want to consider other marketing tools in addition to or in lieu of local SEO.

The Dirty Secret

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  • It is Often Very Easy to Rank a Local Busines on the First Page of Google!

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