Paid Search Marketing

If you’re looking for fast results and priority positioning on search engine results pages, pay-per-click (PPC) advertising may be the Internet marketing solution for you. PPC advertising is, quite simply, exactly what it sounds like – you, the advertiser, pay each time someone clicks on your ad. Execute a successful PPC campaign, however, is anything but simple.

Search engines like Google, Bing and Yahoo sell advertising space at the top and on the sides of their search results pages. Advertisers bid on these spots and, as you might guess, the order their ads appear on the page is determined through the bidding process. And, as the name “pay-per-click” suggests, advertisers only pay if the person performing the search clicks on their ad.

While PPC is a highly effective way to draw prospects to your website, designing this type of marketing campaign requires the technical know-how to set a budget, pinpoint keywords, among other aspects. The process can be complex, time-consuming and costly, if you’re trying to do it yourself. That’s where Subtle Network Design & Marketing can help. We take the guesswork out of the bidding process, using our expert marketing techniques to determine the precise keywords your business should bid on, as well as the ideal bidding price. We’ll also help you calculate your PPC budget and design your ads. (more technical stuff here?)

Advantages: Companies willing to invest in PPC advertising can significantly increase their visibility, generating targeted traffic and, in turn, more business. With the help of Subtle Network Design & Marketing, a PPC campaign can generate results almost immediately, making this an excellent choice for new businesses or those introducing new product lines.

Disadvantages: Where organic SEO marketing is a significant investment that pays off in the long-term, a PPC campaign is an ongoing expense. If 200 clicks cost approximately $150 today, the same 200 visits will cost the same $150 or more a year from now. For companies with a simple business model and a high-converting website, this isn’t necessarily a problem. However, many businesses prefer to invest in a marketing strategy that accounts for sustained, long-term growth.

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